Integration of Employee’s SkyHR Data with myIDTravel and Expansion of the flight network for the purchase of myIDTravel tickets

With the collaborative efforts of specialized teams from the Marketing & Sales Department, Digital Transformation Center, Human Resources Department, Information Technology Department and FPT partners, the prepration for the synchronization of employee data from SkyHR to myIDTravel has been completed. This integration will facilitate the creation of accounts and information for the issuing ID tickets on OAL of VNA employees and their relatives.


The official and first time synchronization of all VNA employees from the new data source – SkyHR to myIDTravl is scheduled on December 1, 2023. Following this date, myIDTravel accounts for VNA employees will be automatically synced from SkyHR twice a day to ensure real-time updates for any changes.

In addition, the timely utilization data from the new system SkyHR brings many advantages to VNA employees when they need to issue ticket on myIDTravel, leveraging the benefits of the SkyHR system.

After December 1, 2023,  in case of any incorrect data in myIDTravel account is found, please following the the steps to adjust:

Step 1: Log in to the SkyHR system at, and verify personal and family information (myIDTravel currently applies to spouses, children under 24 years old).

Step 2: Update personal and family information on SkyHR if any information is not correct or missing (ensure complete date of birth, ID card/passport of relatives). Submit the updates for approval to the authorized person of your department.

Step 3: After the SkyHR update has been approved for 12 hours, log in to your myIDTravel account at and recheck  the information on your myIDTravel account.

In 2023, Vietnam Airlines has successfully concurred and bidirectionally connected the myIDTravel system with 12 new airlines. This expansion covers the America/Canada (AC/UA/WN), the Middle East (EY), Australia (VA), Europe (VS, SK, and LH Group – LH, LX, SN, OS, 4Y), and Asia (OZ, PG, CX, BR), ensuring comprehensive coverage across all continents. This surpasses the plan and fulfills the criteria for selecting partner airlines set out at the beginning of 2023. The total number of cooperating airlines for ID tickets is now 31.

Previously, Vietnam Airlines successfully completed concurring agreements with 18 SkyTeam member airlines, including AF, AR, AM, CI, DL, GA, KE, KL, ME, MF, MU, OK, SU, SV, UX, KL, KQ, AZ, and strategic partner NH.

The expansion of the myIDTravel network aims to provide additional choices and the best service for VNA employees traveling on other partner airlines, contributing to revenue through standby ticket sales for employees and their relatives with cooperating airlines for ID tickets.

Apart from personal ID tickets, business travel tickets with other airlines through myIDTravel are also being used, providing convenience for VNA employees during business trips (confirmed seat status). As of the current date, several overseas branches such as the Japan, UK, Australia, etc., have issued business travel tickets through myIDTravel and the feedback has been highly positive.

Overseas branches having demand for purchasing business travel tickets through myIDTravel, please submit their requests to the email address for assistance.

Minh Ngoc-Xuan Quynh-MSD
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