“VIAGS Warriors:” We Prevent, Not Shy Away From Pandemic

23/03/2020 15:48
Day by day, under the roofs of VIAGS, I learn to face challenges and fulfill my responsibilities with courage. We prevent, not shy away from the pandemic. To us, accountability for our job is always above our fear.

Over the past few weeks, the COVID-19 pandemic has shown increasingly complex developments. Speaking of COVID-19 – as a staff member of the Customer Service Department of VIAGS DAD, along with thousands of VIAGS’ employees in all three regions – I am updating information on the pandemic hour by hour. 

The more people are infected, the more fear grows in our minds. And to me, a mother bearing her first child, that fear is multiplied. There were days when I met passengers covering themselves from head to toe in protective clothing and wearing sunglasses; passengers who were coughing, showing signs of fatigue; or passengers who had close ties to areas in the world battling the disease. I was really scared, but I would not allow myself to show my true feelings in front of customers.

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Dam Phuong Thao - Check-in staff of C-Vip - International Passenger Department - VIAGS DAD. (Cre: Dam Phuong Thao).

As soon as I finish bidding them farewell, the passengers and look up, and I can’t help but think about what would happen if one of us was infected. 

I once called my mom: “Mom! I want to go home.” She said immediately: “Yes, come home. We will take care of you so that you don’t have to go to work.” I went silent. 

I remember many years ago when I was a child, the SARS and H5N1 crises happened. However, to a girl who lived in a mountainous area, the danger of an outbreak seemed far away. I thought as long as we didn’t eat chicken, we would be alright. At that time, everything went on as normal, or maybe I was too young to perceive anything unusual. But it is completely different now. 

I am no longer a child living in her parents’ protective arms. I am working at VIAGS – a company with the mission to carry passengers to their destinations safe and sound. We need to ensure their safety while the company shows us how to protect ourselves.

Day by day, under the roofs of VIAGS, I learn to face challenges and fulfill my responsibilities with courage. We prevent, not shy away from the pandemic. Our accountability for our job is always above our fear.

Not long ago, when Korea was considered the second COVID-19 epicenter of the world, my coworkers and I were assigned to welcome KE aircraft and push the carts. I met a coworker while going to get more face masks and necessary items. He said he was so scared. Nevertheless, that evening, he and his coworkers still readily welcomed passengers and showed no fear. Suddenly, I struggled to hold back my tears.

I feel extremely proud of my dear coworkers who always prioritize the completion of their tasks. I am honored to be one of them. There is no doubt that everyone is afraid, and that feeling isn’t going away while I’m writing this article. 

But, we become stronger because we are well looked after every day through the distribution of face masks, medical gloves, and hand sanitizer. Members of the branch, center, and crew are always by our side on important occasions, such as welcoming flights carrying passengers from the affected areas or supporting them in procedures to come back home.

Ms. Phuong Thao is extremely proud of her coworkers, who prioritize the completion of their tasks. (Cre: VIAGS).

Both VIAGS, in particular, and VNA, in general, are of one heart and one mind – joining hands to overcome challenges and supporting each other in fulfilling our jobs, all while trying to slow the pandemic. We hope that we, the staff members in the blue ao dai, can soon take off our face masks and offer friendly smiles to our customers once again. 

COVID-19! We are confident and willing to face you as we are part of VNA. And VNA has been and will always protect us.

Phuong Thao – VIAGS

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