Vietnam Airlines Operates Return Flight for Vietnamese Nationals in Philippines

26/03/2020 16:33
Amid the complex developments of the Covid-19 pandemic Philippines, after agreeing on a plan with the Bureau of Consular Affairs – Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Vietnam Embassy in the Philippines, Vietnam Airlines operated a flight to return Vietnamese nationals from Cebu, Philippines.
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The passengers and flight crew members’ body temperatures are checked before the flights. (Cre: VNA).

Flight VN9668 landed in Can Tho at midnight on the 25th of March 2020.

Upon landing, more than 180 passengers and flight crew members were transported to a quarantine zone for further health checks and monitoring, which will last a total of 14 days. The aircraft was also carefully and entirely disinfected, including the cockpit and passenger cabin ensure no potential survival risk of any SARS-CoV-2 pathogens.

Vietnam Airlines has cooperated with the authorities to equip the flight crew with specialized protective suits. (Cre: VNA).

To protect the passengers’ and flight crew’s health, Vietnam Airlines cooperated with the competent authorities to equip the flight crew with protective gear. The Airline also cooperated with Cebu authorities to perform health checks and take body temperature for all passengers and flight crew members before permitting them to board the aircraft. Passengers were required to wear masks throughout the flight. To limit the risk of infection via reusable items, Vietnam Airlines did not provide inflight meals, magazines, blankets, or inflight entertainment services on this flight. 

Even though they do not make contact with the passengers, the pilots are also equipped with protective grears (Cre: VNA).

The flight attendants serve passengers while wearing protective gears. (Ảnh: VNA).

As the national airline, Vietnam Airlines has operated numerous flights bringing Vietnamese nationals home from areas that are infectious or politically, economically, or socially unstable, as well as areas affected by the pandemic.

All of the passengers are required to wear masks throughout the flight. (Cre: VNA).

Earlier in February, Vietnam Airlines operated special flights to transport Vietnamese citizens from the former epicenter Wuhan, China. Previously, the Airline took part in a number of the Government’s major campaigns such as the establishment of an aviation bridge to evacuate workers stranded in Libya in 2011 and 2014; Vietnamese nationals to return home during Japan’s earthquake and tsunami in 2011; passenger evacuation operation from Europe due to a volcanic eruption in 2010; rescue of passengers in Thailand amidst the 2008 political crisis; return of Vietnamese nationals from Malaysia and the Middle East in 2005 and 2007…

Passengers are disinfected carefully after landing. (Cre: VNA).

These passenger rescue operations exemplify the Flag Carrier’s mission and national responsibility. This is also a part of Vietnam Airlines’ Flights of Nation campaign in which the Airline supports and supplements key governmental activities for the benefit of the nation, its citizens, and its image.

Passengers are taken to the centralized quarantine zone (Cre: VNA).

Nguyen Mai Huong-COMM


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