Compulsory Pre-departure Health Declaration for All Passengers Travelling on Vietnam Airlines’ Domestic Flights

24/03/2020 16:05
As required by the competent authorities, in order to slow the spread of COVID-19, all passengers travelling on Vietnam Airlines’ domestic flights will be required to complete and submit an online heath declaration form.

(Illustrated Image: VNA' Cabin Crew).


- Passengers are required to submit health declaration form on the Ministry of Health’s website at or the mobile application “Vietnam Health Declaration”, which can be downloaded on Google Play (for Android) or App Store (for iOs). Another option is to scan the QR code to the website of the Ministry of Health available at Vietnam Airlines’ check-in counters.
- Passengers are advised to submit the health declaration at home within 24 hours before departure time to facilitate the check-in procedure. Should you have any difficulty filling in the declaration at the airport, please seek assistance from Vietnam Airlines’ ground service staff.

- At check-in counters and before boarding, passengers must present the screen captures of their completed e-health declaration forms.
- Vietnam Airlines will only allow check-in for passengers with valid screen captures of their e-health declaration forms completed within 24 hours with the matching passenger name.

Vietnam Airlines administered pre-boarding temperature of all passengers flying domestically. Passengers are required to bring their own face masks and wear them throughout their flights; otherwise, they will be denied boarding.

Nguyen Mai Huong-COMM

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